Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Glove, Black (Size: Small - XX-Large)

Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Glove, Black (Size: Small - XX-Large)

Model TMI-MX-MP2-05-008



From racing to industrial safety, the M-Pact 2 knows no bounds when it comes to protecting your hands from impact, abrasion and hand fatigue. Anatomically designed for an unbelievable fit, the M-Pact 2 features an accordion knuckle with EVA foam padding and Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) finger guards to protect against blunt force impact. Your palm is protected with D30 technology to reduce impact and vibration from hand tools. Durable Armortex fingertips improve your gripping power in dry, oily and wet conditions.


  1. Accordion knuckle guard with high density EVA foam padding.
  2. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit.
  3. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) finger guards and metacarpal protection prevent impact injuries.
  4. Armortex fingertips provide durable gripping power.
  5. Anatomically designed palm padding with high density EVA foam.
  6. Extended Neoprene cuff provides added protection.
  7. D30 palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm.
  8. TrekDry material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
  9. Machine washable.