PEET Deodorizer Unit

PEET Deodorizer Unit




Get total odor elimination with the NEW PEET D'Odoriz'r Module - which easily fits Original, Multi, Advantage, Wader, and Powersport PEET Dryers!

How it works...

To eliminate odor, the PEET D'Odoriz'r Module utilizes molecular science. Regular oxygen molecules are given a small electrical charge. This creates ozone molecules. A strictly controlled amount of ozonated air is dispensed inside the footwear. When it comes in contact with odor and polution molecules, the ozone molecules penetrate them which destroys the bad molecules by altering their chemical make-up.

  • Safe on a wide variety of materials including leather, canvas, rubber, synthetics, and high performance fabrics like GORE-TEX.
  • Meets EPA & OSHA ozone standards
  • Energy Efficient - Uses less than 4 watts of power
  • Removable emitters for quick, easy cleaning
  • Works quickly (1-6 hours depending on odor type/saturation)

3 way Usability:

1. Insert module into footwear to destroy odors

2. Module attaches to several PEET Dryers to dry & deodorize

3. Stand alone deodorizer for small room areas


  • Creates ozone molecules to eliminate odors
  • Energy efficient and quiet
  • 99.9% effective