MPI Steering Wheel, Autodromo 70 Series, Black




For all AUTODROMO 70 models, we sought the classic and period correct look present in every detail. To truly capture the AUTODROMO 70 line’s authentic vintage spoke style, we went as far as using an old-style milling cutter. It is with this we were able to create the iconic period correct holes and the frontal radius synonymous with the era.

We researched the most beautiful top grain leather available and utilized a minimal texture grain unique for this model. The feel is second to none and covers a classic round grip with back finger grooves to enhance comfort and performance.

All of the stitching in the ’70 series edition is entirely handcrafted by MPI expert technicians, replicating the period correct techniques of using a larger than standard thread. It’s a subtle difference drivers will surely feel passing through their fingers.