CTEK Smartpass Energy Management Unit 12V

Model TMI-CTEK56-676




SmartPass is an energy management unit which controls and optimizes energy produced by alternators, solar cells, wind power or conventional AC/DC chargers, and distributes it to the battery banks or consumers which require energy, such as the deep cycle bank, bow thruster batteries, consumers, etc.

•Used together with a D250S DUAL, SmartPass provides optimal charging via CTEK’s unique staged charging cycle, which also protects your batteries.

•SmartPass also has an integrated ‘battery guard’ which protects deep cycle batteries from harmful total discharge and ensures that critical equipment such as radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always function.

•SmartPass has a temperature sensor which protects batteries against high temperatures.

•SmartPass is a fully automatic energy management system which can handle up to 80A for batteries of between 28-800Ah.

•The energy management system is IP65 classified (water jet and dust protected and approved for outdoor use).

•Suitable for all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

•Compatible With CTEK D250S Dual


•Battery separation eliminates diodes and VSR relays

•Charging of service batteries up to 100A, which reduces recharge time

•Separation of energy-consuming equipment and service batteries during charging increasing the expected life of 12V devices such as light bulbs, LEDs and other electronics and allows the battery to be charged from the alternator at a level that minimizes recharge time [patent pending]

•Temperature protection of services batteries reduces charge current at high temperatures [patent pending]

•Maximized battery life as a result of reduced incidences where the battery is undercharged

•Reduced charging times and costs by decreasing engine idling

•Reduced dependency on AC power onshore through efficient use of alternator and solar power

•Reduced environmental impact through extended battery life and a reduced idle time

•Minimal installation time and cost

Additional Information

•Integrated System - CTEK D250S Dual and CTEK SmartPass. Combining the CTEK D250S Dual and CTEK SmartPass ensures optimal battery charging. The CTEK SmartPass manages the energy transfer through the CTEK D250S Dual, which then converts and produces the optimal voltage of 14.4V, even if the alternator only produces 14V.

•Battery Watch Technology - CTEK’s built-in Battery Watch technology allows the SmartPass to make full use of the majority of energy produced (up to 95 %) and distributes the power servicing battery banks, bow thrust batteries and electrical equipment such as navigational systems. The CTEK SmartPass, properly manages and distributes power, directing energy to where it is needed most. This ensures that service batteries are protected from being deeply discharged, providing batteries with an optimal service life and reducing the frequency and need for regular traditional charging.

•Protection From High Temperatures - The CTEK SmartPass has a sensor which senses the battery temperature and reduces charge current at high battery temperatures.

•Simplified Installation - The CTEK SmartPass eliminates the need for units with multiple outputs. All batteries can be charged and maintained through the unit. The CTEK SmartPass converts a 110/230V charger with one output into a unit that serves both the service and starter battery.

•Guaranteed Quality With CTEK - CTEK offers a 2 year guarantee on all DC/DC chargers. CTEK customer support is an appreciated service, both with regard to general questions or specific issues related to charging and CTEK chargers. Safety, simplicity and flexibility characterizes all products and solutions developed and sold by CTEK. CTEK supply chargers to more than 60 countries throughout the world. CTEK is also a reliable OEM supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious car and motorcycle manufacturers.



•Campervans and RVs



•Heavy vehicles


Charging current: 80A

Type of batteries: 12V lead-acid batteries

Battery capacity: 75-800Ah

Insulation: IP65 (splash and dust proof)