CTEK Battery Analyzer

Model TMI-CTEK56-925




The CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER tests with high accuracy the condition of all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including Wet, Maintenance Free, Ca/Ca, Gel and AGM.

•Operating voltage range is 8–15V with a test range of 200–1200EN.

•Easy to use it provides fast, and easy to understand results.

•Simply connect the clamps to the battery and follow the step by step instructions on the display.

•The easy to read display gives clear information on the condition of any 12V lead-acid battery and advises what action is required.

•With no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle, the patented technology used by the CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER is safe for the user and vehicle electronics.

•It is reverse polarity protected, creates no battery loads, heat or sparks.

•The CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER features a 2-year warranty.


•Easy to use — simply attach to battery (no need to disconnect) and follow the on screen instructions.

•Fast, accurate results — the CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER tests the battery in seconds providing an instant on screen result which advises what action should be taken.

•Safe – no heat or sparks — the patented technology used by the CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER not only provides fast, accurate results but undertakes the test without placing load on the battery and generates no potentially dangerous heat or sparks.

•For all 12V lead-acid batteries — the CTEK BATTERY ANALYZER works equally well with all lead-acid battery types and requires no adjustment to perform an accurate test.


Type of Analyzer: Conductance

Type of Battery Analyzed: 12V Lead-Acid

Min.Testing Voltage: 8V

Max.Testing Voltage: 15V

Resolution: 0.1V

Accuracy: ± 0.1V

Range: 200–1 200EN

Resolution: 25EN

Accuracy: ± 25EN