Hyperco 2.25" I.D. Springs/7" Free Length X 550

Model TMI-HYP187A0550



The life of a suspension coil is directly related to the design and materials used. Hypercoils are designed to be as light as possible with maximum deflection and at the same time endure the stresses of the extreme conditions common to motor racing. Because raw materials are ordered in mill-runs and not ordered from a mill's regular inventory we are not constrained to designing from stock wire sizes. Having a larger range of wire sizes available allows our engineers to be design specific for each application. Hypercoils are designed and manufactured to retain their rate and free length for several seasons. A properly designed and manufactured spring will not lose free length under normal racing applications.

•Accurate & Consistent Rates

•Consistent Free Lengths and Installed Heights

•Maximium Deflection

•Ultra Lightweight

•Lifetime Guarantee