Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads - Rear (HB557N.545)

Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads - Rear (HB557N.545)

Model TMI-KNS-HB557N.545



Hawk Performance HP Plus brake pads are ideal for hard street, autocross, and entry level track day use. HP Plus brake pads are made with a high friction semi-metallic compound developed specifically to generate high friction at low temperatures and to keep associated dust, noise and wear to an acceptable minimum. HP Plus brake pads offer near race-level friction yet can also be used on the street.

Key Features and Benefits:

-High initial bite even at low temperatures
-Little or no warmup required with extended high temperature fade resistance
-Moderate rotor wear
-Generally acceptable dust and noise characteristics

Recomended for heavy street use, autocross, and light track use. Very useful as a first 'race' pad to gain experience.

Please be aware that these are performance pads and some compromise to wear, noise and dust should be expected. This will vary based on your vehicle and your driving conditions.