20" ONE-Tie, Color: Black or Red, 2 Pack

Model TMI-ONE-TOT60035



The ONE•TIE is the most useful gear-wrapping tool on the planet. Start by using it to organize power cords. Then try it in the shop, or in the kitchen, or camping. It’s up to you. The ONE•TIE is so versatile that we stopped counting ways to use it after the first 2.718 bazillion uses. However you use it, one thing is certain: the ONE•TIE will come in handy.

Strap, bundle, organize.

  • Reusable: the ONE•TIE can be used over and over again without wearing out
  • Chemical & UV resistant: the ONE•TIE is made from a durable polymer that can withstand a wide range of chemicals, as well as tolerate hot and cold temperatures, and wet or dry conditions
  • Durable: rest assured the ONE•TIE can handle whatever abuse you throw at it
  • Sturdy: to not slip in use, and designed to be easily removed
  • Linkable: ONE•TIE can be linked together to tackle a project of any size


  • Adventuring
  • Bundling
  • Securing
  • Organizing
  • Storing
  • Hanging