About Us

Our History

TMI Racing Products was started in 2013 to supply racers with most of their needs while on track. Our company has grown by listening to our customers’ needs and providing items to the racing and HPDE communities that are bespoke to TMI Racing Products.


While helping customers get their track cars equipped with the latest and safest gear, we strive to make sure our customers are informed on proper use, function, and installation of the gear to keep our customers safe while on track. We provide a personal shopping experience that is designed around each individual.


TMI Racing Products is in the heart of racing country. We are in the North paddock at Virginia International Raceway (virnow.com). With the backdrop of the racetrack, it is the perfect situation to come out and try each item out. It also gives us an opportunity to see the products we sell used and enjoyed firsthand. We welcome feedback on the products used. If you can’t make it to the Virginia International Raceway then you can see us at www.tmiracing.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TMIRacing.

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