ChillOut AirCon Helmet Cooler




Stay focused and in control with the all new ChillOut Systems AirCon Helmet Cooler. With its advanced manufacturing technology, the AirCon is lightweight, powerful and easily transferrable with its quick release system. The air moved by the AirCon is not just cold, but dry. Dry air not only helps to keep your head and face moisture free, it also helps to keep you cool, focused and in control.

Variable Speed Settings: Adjustable controls for a comfortable range of air speeds controlled from the systems full color, multi-function display.

Lightweight Design: ChillOut Systems AirCon is extremely lightweight,
compact and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Similar in size to our Quantum Pro, the AirCon weighs in at only 10.5 lbs.

Optimum Performance: Pushing out 31.75 cfm, ChillOut Systems AirCon keeps drivers in the optimum performance window, able to drop as low as65º below ambient temperature. The AirCon system typically maintains 50º-55º during endurance racing, that's over 55º under average summer ambient temperatures found on track. 

Quick Release for Teams on the Go: With the pull of two quick-release pins, the Air Con is easily detached from its carbon fiber base.