SCHUBERTH SP1 Helmet Earbud Kits

SCHUBERTH SP1 Helmet Earbud Kits

Model TMI-HMS-SH HK1151



Designed around drivers who prefer to use traditional earbuds. SCHUBERTH Earbud Kits offer superior design and performance compared to generic helmet kits. Earbud Kits can be used with either Noise Reduction Earcups or soft Comfort Cushions, and allow drivers to utilize their existing earbuds. All Earbud Kits include a custom clip that securely mounts to the helmet shell without drilling. The connector is keyed to the clip, and positioned just below the edge of the helmet, without protruding outward.

Dual Electronic Kits include an earbud connector along with Noise Reduction Earcup Speakers, for use in conjunction with each other. This setup is ideal for loud environments or drivers with limited hearing. 

  • SH HK1151: DUAL KIT: - Noise Reduction Earcups with speakers and earbuds with Boom Style mic and IMSA connection