Stilo GT Inner Hydration System
Stilo GT Inner Hydration System

Stilo GT Inner Hydration System

Model TMI-STILO-YA0600




Quench Your Thirst On-the-Go with the Stilo Helmet Drink System Kit for GT Series Helmets

Stay refreshed and focused during your high-performance drives with the Stilo Helmet Drink System Kit, specially designed for GT Series Helmets with built-in side ports. This comprehensive kit ensures that you have easy access to hydration without compromising your safety or convenience.

Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Engineered for GT Series Helmets: Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with GT Series Helmets, this kit ensures a snug and secure fit, maintaining the helmet's integrity and functionality.
  2. Complete Hydration Solution: The Helmet Drink System Kit includes all the essential components you need for a hassle-free hydration experience, making it the perfect companion for endurance racing and long drives.
  3. YA0601 Bite Valve: Sip and hydrate effortlessly with the high-quality Bite Valve, providing a smooth flow of liquid whenever you need it.
  4. YA0602 Cut-to-Length Tube: Customize your tube length to your preference, ensuring that it comfortably reaches your mouth for easy drinking.
  5. YA0603 Male Quick Connector: Easily connect your hydration system with the Male Quick Connector, guaranteeing a leak-proof and secure fit.
  6. YA0604 Female Quick Connector: The Female Quick Connector complements the system, making it a breeze to disconnect and reconnect your hydration source when needed.

Drive Hydrated, Drive Confident:

Hydration is crucial for peak performance, especially during endurance races. The Stilo Helmet Drink System Kit empowers you to stay at the top of your game by ensuring you have quick and easy access to hydration when every second counts.

Whether you're navigating challenging tracks or enduring extended races, this kit has got you covered. Stay focused, stay alert, and keep your energy levels up with the Stilo Helmet Drink System Kit for GT Series Helmets.

Choose the Stilo Helmet Drink System Kit today and elevate your racing experience with effortless hydration. Don't compromise on safety or performance – drive at your best with the assurance of staying hydrated when it matters most.