JOES Pro Tire Gauges (0-60 PSI)
JOES Pro Tire Gauges (0-60 PSI)
JOES Pro Tire Gauges (0-60 PSI)

JOES Pro Tire Gauges (0-60 PSI)

Model TMI-JOES-32327



Durable, dependable, accurate and easy to use. What more could you want in a Tire Pressure Gauge?
JOES new Analog Pro Tire Pressure Gauges features a 2½” glow in the dark face, with an internal pressure diaphragm design, that is surrounded by a steel enclosure and a rubber bumper. These features combine to create a rugged, durable and accurate gauge that will give repeatable readings in any condition. Each Pro Tire Gauges comes with a flexible 17″ rubber hose, along with a swivel and an angle chuck so you can choose which chuck is best for your application.

  • Repeatable accuracy: Reads the same every time, certified ANSI grade B40.1
  • Durable: Built to withstand drops, features steel housing and external rubber cushion.
  • High flow pressure release button: Let air out of your tires quickly.
  • Swivel and angle chuck included: Choose what works best for your application.
  • 2½” glow in dark face : Easy to read in low light.
  • Internal spike suppressor: Protects gauge for longer life and consistent accuracy.
  • Rubber cover: Provides shock absorption when dropped and allows for good grip.
  • 17″ flexible rubber hose: Lets you get to your valve stem easily.
  • Steel housing: Built to last with quality materials.
    • Analog movement: No more relying on batteries.
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