JOES Economy Tire Pressure Gauge (0 - 60 PSI)
JOES Economy Tire Pressure Gauge (0 - 60 PSI)

JOES Economy Tire Pressure Gauge (0 - 60 PSI)

Model TMI-JOES-32307



JOES Economy tire pressure gauges utilize a ‘Bourdon Tube’ design that includes a metal pressure tube along with a small gear rack. This is a delicate but accurate mechanism that is sensitive to shock.

This technology is inexpensive and common in the vast majority of entry level gauges on the market today. While this is the most affordable gauge we offer, the Bourdon tube design is very sensitive to shock, vibration and high pressure spikes. This gauge CAN NOT be dropped, or it will no longer be accurate.

The Economy gauge does not hold pressure when the air chuck is removed from the valve stem. We do offer our CNC machined ‘Hold Valve’ in our race ready ‘PRO Gauge’ line of Air Gauges.


  • 2½” Diameter gauge
  • Glow-in-the-dark dial face
  • Air pressure release button
  • Swivel Chuck hose on hose end
  • 17″ ultra-flexible custom USA hose
  • Chrome angle chuck is pre-installed
  • Ball chuck is included so you can interchange if desired
  • Each gauge is assembled and individually tested in our Everett, WA production facility.
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