Lifeline Becketts 3" 6-Point FIA Racing Harness - Snap Hook| Color: Black

Model TMI-LFL-300-000-003



Lifeline's FIA harnesses feature a lightweight buckle with an easy-to-use, positive latching mechanism. Named after corners on the legendary Silverstone Circuit (cementing their British heritage), the Becketts 3" harnesses feature 3" shoulder straps and 2" lap and anti-sub straps. Includes steel adjusters and snap-in fittings and eyebolts at all 6 points (shoulder belts can be wrapped to a roll bar).

Rating: FIA 8853-2016
Sub-Strap: Dual (2)
Lap Adjuster: Pull Down
Belt Ends: Shoulders/Sub: Loose; Lap: Sewn

Included (Snap-In Tabs)


  • Shoulder Straps: 50mm wide, 1900mm Max Length, 1580mm Min Length
  • Lap Straps: 50mm wide, 900mm Max Length, 600mm Min Length
  • Anti-sub Straps: 50mm wide, 710mm Max Length, 250mm Min Length