PEET Advantage Dryer Combo
PEET Advantage Dryer Combo
PEET Advantage Dryer Combo

PEET Advantage Dryer Combo




This is the ultimate race day dryer package. Feature packed to keep your gear free of sweat and moisture. Specifically selected for motorsport use, this package is an HMS exclusive!

The Advantage version distinguishes itself from other models by incorporating timed drying and heat control, allowing users additional control. With a LED readout, 240 -minute timer, and the option for heat or no heat, you can freshen up your shoes on your session break, dry out your helmet after a long day on track, or warm up your gloves for the morning run. With the option to dry 2 items at the same time, mix and match DryPorts to dry what you need when you need it.

In addition to the helmet, glove and footwear attachments, this combo kit includes a D’ODORIZ’R Module (a 79.99 value!) that uses molecular science to eliminate orders. This innovative technology neutralizes bacteria and other contaminants, such as viruses and mold. PEET Dry extends the life of your gear without deteriorating materials.

Please Note: Two helmets will not fit on theAdvantage Dryer Combo without Two D'ODORIZ'R Module. Only oneD'ODORIZ'R Module is included with the Combo, however an extra can be purchased. 


  • Peet Advantage Dryer
  • (1) D'ODORIZ'R Module
  • (2) Pair PEET Footwear Dryports
  • (1) Pair PEET Glove Dryports
  • (1) PEET Helmet Dryport


  • Effectively dries sweat
  • Scientifically destroys odor
  • Timed dry and heat control
  • Dries your gear in 2-4 hours