PEET Multi Gear Combo
PEET Multi Gear Combo

PEET Multi Gear Combo




Featuring four ports, the Multi Dryer is a great option for racers looking to dry more gear at the same time. Similar to the Original Peet Dryer, the Multi Dryer sends warm air through patented DryPorts allowing optimal circulation through two items at the same time. The Multi PEET utilizes a large sturdy base with a built in drip tray, helping to contain the mess. Though this dryer does utilize warm air, its designed to dry two items overnight.

This combo package includes helmet, shoes and glove attachments. For drivers looking to control temperature or set dry times, we recommend the Advantage Dryer Package.


  • PEET Multi Dryer
  • (2) Pair PEET Footwear Dryports
  • (1) Pair PEET Glove Dryports
  • (1) PEET Helmet Dryport


  • Effectively dries sweat
  • Dries your gear overnight
  • Neutralizes odors