AiM SmartyCam

AiM SmartyCam

Model TMI-AIM-X98SHD004084


  • Real time data overlayed on videos
  • Race Studio 3 for video configuration and analysis
  • Automatic Start & Stop
  • No "wave effect" with the CMOS sensor and improved video quality
  • Proprietary lenses designed for motorsports
  • Front mount color TFT display for in-car installation
  • High-quality small-size video files
  • Designed to withstand extreme on-track working conditons
  • Compact, handy and easy to install

SmartyCam HD overlays all the data you need from different sources. From GPS: track map and vehicle position, as well as speed, lap and split times. From AiM loggers connected to your ECU: RPM, throttle, engaged gear, acceleration, temperatures, pressures and - in presence of additional sensors - their values. All these info will be overlayed on videos in each single point of the track.