25 Pack Assorted Jar of Bungey Cords
25 Pack Assorted Jar of Bungey Cords

25 Pack Assorted Jar of Bungey Cords

Model TMI-ERK06622



Bungey cords are one of the handiest tools you can own. They’re great for jobs like securing your tarp, organizing your hose’s, and more! You’ll want to keep them at an arms reach all the time.

(6) 10″ x 4mm
(5) 13″ x 8mm
(5) 18″ x 8mm
(5) 24″ x 8mm
(2) 30″ x 9mm
(2) 36″ x 10mm

  • Hook Specs:
    • Black vinyl coating
    • Long: 2 1/4″
    • Width: 1″
    • Opening: 3/4″
  • Cord Specs:
    • Made of rubber strands
    • Polypropylene covering
    • Sold in bright colors

Features and Benefits

  • Vinyl coating on hooks protects against damaging your cargo.
  • The size of the hooks make them very versatile to accommodate many jobs. They’re easy to get into those tight spaces.
  • The polypropylene covering protects the internal rubber strands from the elements, which extends the life of the cord.

Proper Use/ Safety

  • Bungey cords can safely stretch 1.5 times their original length
  • Do not over stretch as bungey cords could break and cause damage to your cargo or bodily harm
  • Always check product for damages before using
  • Not load rated