SHR Flex Pad, Pair

SHR Flex Pad, Pair

Model TMI-HMS-SR42699



Looking to replace or add the factory Pads to your Schroth Racing SHR Flex Device? This listing contains one pair of SHR Pads (one pad for each device leg), which have been optional on the Flex device for a couple years. 

Please note: If you're interested in adding SHR Flex pads to your device for the first time,  please make sure to check your Flex device is compatible. This can be determined by inspecting the bottom portion of your device's "legs", specifically checking for indents in the portion that contacts the collar bone area. If your device does not have indents, the SHR Flex pad will not be compatible with your device. If your device DOES have the pad independents, but does not have velcro, you may wish to glue the velcro to the device legs when first installing.