MOMO Start Seat; Fiberglass, Standard

Model TMI-MO-1070BLK



The MOMO START racing seat is Hans compatible and approved by the FIA for quality and safety. The racing seat’s fiberglass shell is fully upholstered with no visible fiberglass on the back of the seat. Its black velour fabric is self-extinguishing for an additional measure of safety. The MOMO Start racing seat has fives seat belt openings to be paired perfectly with a set of MOMO racing harness restraints. The Start racing seat weighs in at just 17lb making it the lightest racing seat in MOMO's line up.

  1. Non-Halo
  2. Seat Belt Openings: 5
  3. Mounting Points: 4
  4. Weight: 17.8
  5. Shell Material: Fiberglass  Composite
  6. Mount Type: Side Mount