Motul Break-in Oil 10W-40, 0.946L

Motul Break-in Oil 10W-40, 0.946L

Model TMI-MOTUL-108080



Motul Break-In Oil 10W-40 is a high-performance conventional lubricant specially formulated for running-in all types of 4-stroke engines in both automotive and powersports applications, whether it's a standard rebuilt engine or for racing purposes. Its high ZDDP fortified formula provides fast and safe mating of piston rings and cylinder liners while providing supreme protection for high-lift camshafts and flat-tappets. Its unique additive combination makes it fully compatible with wet-clutches and integrated gearboxes in Motorcycles, ATV/ UTVs, SXS, etc

  • Application: Engine
  • Engine Type: 4T
  • Product Type: CLASSIC
  • Quality: MINERAL
  • Viscosity: 10W-40
  • API Standards: API SJ/SH/CF