Red Line LikeWater Suspension Fluid 0WT - 16 oz

Red Line LikeWater Suspension Fluid 0WT - 16 oz

Model TMI-RED-91102


  • Provides the least viscosity change of any commercial suspension fluid and will operate unchanged longer than other suspension fluids
  • Often used by NASCAR, Indy CAR and ARCA teams in Superspeedway suspension setups

These products can be mixed together to create intermediate viscosities, customized for a dampener's particular characteristics

  • Superior shear stability over most popular shock oils
  • Allows use of lower viscosities
  • Far less shock fade, provides lower operating temps for same viscosity when compared to conventional fluids
  • Eliminates most foaming and provides excellent seal lubricity
  • All Red Line suspension fluids can be blended to create intermediate viscosities
  • LikeWater® provides the least viscosity change of any suspension fluid on the market
  • LightWeight is often used in Sprint Car racing, as well as in CORR and SCORE Off Road competition
  • Antiwear additives assist in longer shock life


Vis @ 100°C, CSt 2.34
Vis @ 40°C, CSt 4.0
Viscosity Index 800
Pour Point, °C -50
Pour Point, °F -58