Safequip Bump Draft Tow Straps

Safequip Bump Draft Tow Straps




Many auto racing series, sanctions and tracks are now mandating the installation of a front and/or rear tow hook or loop strap on every racecar to be used to tow a broken or damaged car off the track. this RaceQuip Tow Loop can handle a vehicle up to 3,500lbs and is designed to bolt to the chassis using the supplied drop forged steel hardware. The RaceQuip "Soft Loop" model is constructed from 12,000lb capacity commercial grade polyester webbing and colored a high-visibility red to aid motorsports safety and recovery personnel. The overall length is 10 inches. Bolt this strap to the bumper brackets or anywhere on the racecar and you will have a rugged tow loop hook that will not be in your way. No more banging your head and knees on rigid mounted steel tow loops. Red with black epoxy coated bolt-on end.