Sabelt Tow Strap

Sabelt Tow Strap

Model TMI-CGR-CCAC0023_A



Sabelt tow straps fulfill an important track requirement while also being stylishly understated with a simple classic design. Available in a range of colors, the 2-inch wide polyester tow strap is sewn to a metal mounting plate with a 15.5mm (0.61″) mounting hole. The 260mm (10 1/4″) long loop hangs down for safety when not in use.

The tow strap loop is constructed using the same materials and assembly techniques refined over decades of experience building top-level driver restraint harnesses.

Sold individually; mounting hardware not included. FiA compliant.

  • Length: 260 mm
  • Hole diameter: 15.5 mm
  • Maximum tow weight: 2.9 tons
  • Available in black, blue, grey, orange, red, and yellow

CCAC0023_A (Black)

CCAC0024_A (Blue)

CCAC0025_A (Grey)

CCAC0026_A (Orange)

CCAC0027_A (Red)

CCAC0028_A (Yellow)