Paragon Viking 18L Cooler - 12v

Paragon Viking 18L Cooler - 12v

Model TMI-PAR-18-20000



Paragon’s Viking Pro Cooler is the amped-up version of the Viking Cooler. The Viking Pro Cooler is built to be durable and efficient with its 12-volt pump providing constant circulation of cold water through Paragon cooling garments. The addition of a u-shaped aluminum air tube inside the cooler, designed specifically for helmet cooling, when connected to a blower system, is what makes this Paragon’s Pro version. The side exit Guardian bulkhead connectors are Paragon’s emergency release option allowing an easy disconnect when a quick pull motion is applied to the connected hose set or garment. The Viking Pro Cooler is available in a 12L or 18L option and works seamlessly with most cool suit brands.

  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Dimensions: 19in x 13in x 13in